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  Annual Dinner

bullet The 2017 Annual Dinner took place on Wednesday 8 November at Sensi Italian restaurant in Eastcote.
bullet We have held an annual dinner in local restaurants every autumn since 2000. This is an informal gathering and is open to members and their guests. The 2016 Annual Dinner took place on Wednesday 9 November at Sensi Italian restaurant in Eastcote. A group of 17 members enjoyed a beautiful three course meal and the restaurant was closed to the public for the occasion.

coach trip 1st Coach Trip 2016
The first coach trip of the year was to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, on St George's Day, 23 April. Apart from a sharp shower soon after we arrived it was a dry day with a cold chill in the air, even with the sun shining. Several of us made good use of the Kew Explorer land train to see more of the 326 acres than we could on foot, and also to use it as a shelter from the wind. The bluebells were still in flower and there were some waves of narcissus. The formal beds had very striking displays of tulips, two colours and two heights, amongst a carpet of primulas. I was pleased to see the magnolias were still hanging onto their blooms.
I explored the two art galleries during the shower, Shirley Sherwood and Marianne North. I will be returning to both on another visit - well worth seeing the botanical art. The White Peaks shop for the children's gifts helped me with a birthday present I needed for a two year old - a book on the garden, with moving parts.
The day whizzed by and on the coach home we started talking about where we should go next...all suggestions welcome please.
2nd Coach Trip 2016
On 10 December we took a trip to Waddesdon Manor. Whilst it was rather a chilly, rainy afternoon we enjoyed seeing the lights on the house and the Christmas Market stalls. The indoor attractions were even more enticing in such weather - the shops festively decorated and the Christmas Shop offered traditional and contemporary decorations and gifts.
The gingerbread dolls' house, was an amazing two metre long model of Waddesdon Manor, made entirely from gingerbread. The highlight is always the Manor house, beautifully decorated and themed around "Magical Materials" from earth and sea.
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  Indoor Meetings

bullet Members of the EHS are welcome to join the Ruislip Central Horticultural Society meetings. These take place in St Lawrence Church Hall, Bridle Road, Eastcote at 8pm. There is a small charge to cover the cost of speakers.
MAP of location
bullet See RCHS website for details of dates and speakers or contact Warren Reeves on 01923-451616 or Email: rchstalks@gmail.com

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