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Gardener says his Mexican succulent plant is the biggest in UK after heatwave sent it shooting 30ft through his greenhouse roof. - August 29th 2018
"Tree of life" facing an outbreak of deaths - June 14th 2018
Giant African baobab trees die suddenly after thousands of years - June 11th 2018
Stolen succulents: California hipster plants at center of smuggling crisis - April 27th 2018
Giant agave plant bursts through the roof of grade II listed greenhouse... again - May 30th 2017
Cacti decimated by illegal trading with 'almost a third of species facing extinction' - October 5th 2015
'I did a very bad thing, I'm not proud': Nick Clegg on the drunken night he set fire to rare cacti collection of a judge in Munich - May 15th 2014
Vandals destroy rare cacti in Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens - June 5th 2013
As Vandals Deface U.S. Parks, Some Point to Online Show-Offs - June 4th 2013
Tree that weeps dragons blood among new discoveries - 23rd December 2012
Biology Professor's Work Yields Largest Cactus Collection of Its Kind - 27th November 2012
Tequila gives new biofuel crops a shot - 28th July 2011
Aloe vera extract gave rats tumours - 11th April 2011
New to Nature No 32: Dioscorea strydomiana - 20th Feb 2011
How cacti become 'rock busters' - 20th Aug 2009
Cactus commerce boosts Morocco - 4th Aug 2009
'Oldest' pot plant in the world repotted. - 30th July 2009
'Oldest' pot plant to get new pot. - 29th July 2009
Staffordshire maze carved into Wild West scene. - 16th Jul 2009
Mexico & Agaves: Moving from Tequila to Ethanol. - 7th August 2008