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Drawings & Paintings


Fresh-water plankton from Swinton Fields ponds near Manchester ca. 1970, cloned from single organisms and cultured in hay infusion. Sadly, Swinton Fields ponds which never dried out and were teeming with wide-life, have long since been built over, along with the green space surrounding them.
Upper left: Composite scan of two pen and ink drawings, with watercolour. The larger rotifer was approximately 0.2 mm long. The two species of rotifer, from are approximately the correct relative size.
Lower left: Vorticella campanula


Extreme left: Paramecium putrinum
Left: Paramecium multimicronucleatum

 Bury Ring, towards Stafford Castle, Staffordshire.

Left: Bury Ring, looking towards Stafford Castle, Staffordshire.
Oil on board. 1970.

 Ffynnon Gynydd Common

Left: Ffynnon Gynydd Common, Wye Valley.
Oil on board. 1972.

Ferry Bridge, Oxford

Left: Ferry Bridge, Oxford.
Watercolour on paper. 1974.

punting on the River Isis

Left: Punting on the River Isis, Oxford.
Watercolour on paper. 1974.

Trees, Port Meadow, Oxford

Left: Trees in Winter, Port Meadow, Oxford 1974.
Watercolour on paper.

Mulberry tree in Fellow's garden, Worcester College, Oxford

Right: Mulberry tree in Fellow's garden, Worcester College, Oxford.
Pen and ink wash on paper. 1971.

Old Harbour, Alderney

Left: The Old Harbour, Alderney. 1979
Watercolour on paper.

Braye, Alderney

Left: Braye, Alderney. 1980
Oil on board.


Left: Pen and ink drawing, with coloured inks and watercolour. The original has a white background which could be fixed easily in the scanned image, but I liked the antique look imparted by the scanner. Ca. 1997


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