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Tromotriche  Haworth 1812
Name: Greek tromos = trembling + trichos = hair, referring to ever-moving corolla hairs of some species.

The genus Tromotriche contains around 10 species of perennial stem succulents from South Africa and Namibia, including species with creeping or rhizomatous stems forming mats and erect stems forming clumps. There is considerable diversity of flower form within the genus. Several species have been moved into this genus recently, from Tridentea.

Tromotriche engleriana
Tromotriche engleriana

Tromotriche engleriana  (Schlechter) Leach 1978
Syn. Stapelia engleriana  Schlechter 1905
A clumping, stem succulent whose flower has strongly reflexed, shiny corolla lobes giving the impression of a solid plastic donut. The flowers, usuually facing downwards, produce a carrion-like perfume to attract blow fly pollinators. Stems and flower buds are slightly pubescent.
Native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa.