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Order Brassicales

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Crambe maritima (Sea Kale)
Crambe maritima (Sea Kale)

The Order Brassicales contains around 14 families of dicotyledenous flowering plants, taking its name from the family Brassicaceae = Cruciferae.
Members of the families Brassicaceae (cabbage, caper, kale, mustard, turnip) and Caricaceae (papaya) are important agricultural crops grown for food and fodder. The families Resedaceae (mignonette) and Tropaeolaceae (Canary Creeper, Nasturtium) include popular ornamental plants. Some Tropaeolaceae have fleshy succulent tubers but they need to be buried in the soil and tubers can not be raised for display.
The family Moringaceae (Horseradish Trees) contains succulent bottle trees that store water in swollen trunks, and other trees with tuberous roots.
Within the family Brassicaceae, Crambe maritima (Sea Kale) is an edible salt-tolerant succulent plant native to the coasts of continental Europe and introduced to Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands.