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Order Cucurbitales

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The Order Cucurbitales contains a group of mainly tropical dicotyledenous flowering herbs and shrubs, with 7 families and 2300 species including the Begoniaceae (1400 species) and Cucurbitaceae (825 species). The order takes its name from the genus Cucurbita (squashes, pumpkins).

display of mixed gourds
Ibervillea sonorae

Members of the order generally have unisexual flowers often with 5-fold symmetry. Members of the Cucurbitaceae generally have tendrils and include important food plants such as cucumber, melon and squash.
Among the Cucurbitaceae, species of the genera Coccinia, Corallocarpus, Cyclantheropsis, Gerrardanthus, Ibervillea, Kedrostis, Melothria, Momordica, Odosicyos, Seyrigia, Xerosicyos, and Zehneria are generally considered worthy of cultivation as succulent or caudiciform plants.
Begoniaceae are widely grown for decorative effect as freely-flowering housplants and as tender Summer bedding plants. Many species of Begonia have quite succulent stems and tubers, but are not usually shown as succulent plants.