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Order Ranunculales

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Ranunculus ficaria (Lesser Celandine)Ranunculus ficaria
Stephania glandulifera
Stephania glandulifera

The Order Ranunculales contains 8 families and around 3200 species of dicotyledenous flowering herbs, climbers, shrubs and small trees, taking its name from the Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family).
Popular garden plants and some annoying weeds are found among Ranunculaceae (Buttercups, Poppies), Clematis, Aquilegia (Columbines) and Delphinium. Poppies are an important source of opiate alkaloids e.g.morphine, which are used medicinally.
Succulent genera:
The Family Menispermaceae includes Chasmanthera, Stephania and Tinospora which form large succulent caudexes with vining top growth. Most members of the Menispermaceae contain toxic alkaloids, some of which feature in traditional medicine.