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RHS Autumn Show 2015

RHS London Harvest Show 2015
RHS London Harvest Show 2015 RHS London Harvest Show 2015

RHS Fruit & Vegetable Competition
The Eastcote Horticultural Society retained the Affiliated Societies Cup for a collection of 9 dishes of apples and pears at the RHS London Harvest Show on 6th October 2015. These were exhibited by our Chairman, Gerry Edwards.
The fruits shown were as follows:
Dessert Apples: Cox's Orange Pippin, Fiesta, Gala, Golden Delicious and Spartan
Cooking Apples: Charles Ross and Howgate Wonder
Dessert Pears: Conference and Doyenne du Comice
Extreme left: Presentation of the Cup to Gerry Edwards by Sue Biggs who is Director General of the RHS.
2015 was a bumper year for apples and maybe the best for 30 years. Unfortunately, though, pears were not so good as the weather was quite their during their flowering period and few pollinating insects were flying. This meant it was quite a challenge trying to find good pears for any show this year let alone for the RHS London Harvest Show! Fortunately, we were able to find enough to stage and we kept our fingers crossed that they didn't ripen before judging.
Our entry looked very good once it had been staged at the RHS New Hall at Westminster. This time we had two competitors from Devon and Nottingham. In quality terms our exhibit was considerably better and justifiably earned first prize and the Affiliated Societies Challenge Cup.
Gerry Edwards - Chairman.